There was a time when cultures and youth, could be told by following the continuous wave ranging from art, music, fashion and even feelings. Ennio Capasa, Creative Director, Costume National presents the fall winter 2012-2013, and says of himself: "I wanted to focus on that very moment when the woman has taken control of herself and then making themselves, free from the formalities. I believe that today a designer should keep in mind that there are two trends in fashion, one that rejects reality and proceeds through abstractions that are nice but are ends in themselves and the other that looks closer to reality and tries to interpret it and make it evolve by creating new aesthetic . I'm moving within it and try to make a creative fashion possible. "

Hence the need, according to Capasa, to eliminate the visionary sake of fashion, and store design. In what way? Reinventing the post-chic. With touches of punk, Costume National creates this look piece by piece in the collection that comes in a variation of total black just flashed black and white prints from almost want to call up visions of Tim Burton.

The woman at Costume National goes into a far rifuta aesthetic respectability: his post to be chic translates into dresses and coats made ​​in overlapping sheets, wool or fur coated gloss paint, in very tight pants; leaders in Sleeveless Vests, leather worn with long gloves. A voluntary and conscious rebellion against bourgeois chic reassuring the woman under a new feminine image, and self-conscious.