Female physiological changes of pregnancy can cause even make pregnant Mommy of oral diseases increased, if the pregnancy toothache or bleeding gums and other symptoms can not take medicine but also unbearable mothers will emotionally unstable to the fetus impact , so pre-pregnancy check not only to project concerned with routine blood and urine, dental health is very important.

1. Periodontal

Estrogen during pregnancy increases, poor immune function, the the plaque colonies ecological change, these changes make gums angiogenesis, vascular permeability enhancement, periodontal tissue plaque local irritation heavier, and thus give rise to blood vessels hyperplasia and inflammation, but also some other periodontal problems, such as periodontal puffy, loose teeth, swollen ulcer.

The study found that the Bulletin boards more severe periodontal disease, the greater the chance of preterm birth and low birthweight. So, before pregnancy should be inspection system for the treatment of periodontal disease, eliminate inflammation, remove plaque, tartar and other local incentives.

2 caries

Dental caries is usually called "tooth decay", due to the changes in pregnancy eating habits and physical condition, Bulletin boards easily ignore oral hygiene, food residue attached to the tooth surface, so that an increase in oral bacteria, and food residue carbon and water compounds fermentation acid can cause tooth decalcification, the formation of dental caries.

Pregnancy if there dental caries, often because of pregnancy increase the development of tooth decay. If pregnancy does not fill cavities and the development of deep caries or acute pulpitis, pain would cause tossing and turning, unable to sleep at night. And the survey shows that the mother has tooth decay, also greatly increased the possibility of the next generation suffering from tooth decay. So, before pregnancy cure tooth decay, are responsible for themselves and their baby's health.

3 impacted wisdom tooth

Impacted wisdom tooth is the the mouth last one molar (commonly known as "post-molar), and if you can not fully erupted, part of the tooth gums covered. Before pregnancy impacted teeth not unplug, plus the on plaque accumulation, impacted teeth around the gums will be inflamed swelling at any time cause pericoronitis attack, accompanied by tissue space infection, make your cheeks swelling trismus, unable to eat. If the inflammation was controlled in a timely manner, but also the cavernous sinus phlebitis, severe threat to the lives of Bulletin boards. Oral examination before pregnancy, if any, need to pull the impacted teeth must be removed as soon as possible, in order to avoid future trouble.

4. Residual root and crown

If the pregnancy before the residual root and crown without the timely processing Bulletin boards easy its surrounding inflammatory sore gums. Therefore, the residual crown and root on or before has done root canal treatment significantly teeth with apical lesions should be treated early, or tooth, or prosthesis to avoid during pregnancy pain.
Majority of prospective mother has always missed doing for check the time, especially pregnant early production inspection, the majority of prospective mother should be because of the missed time was delayed a Some mothers even think that the early stages of pregnancy simply do not have production inspection, then the women pregnant early with do not do check?

Pregnancy generally do time for check in three stages: the first stage is the early stages of pregnancy, early for check-general of pregnancy is 10 weeks pregnant. Some blood and urine tests will be carried out to understand the basic body of pregnant women, for example, diabetes, kidney disease or thalassemia; second phase of the first 16 weeks of pregnancy; The third stage is about 20 weeks pregnant several times the segments are doing for check time period.

Early pregnancy to do check-ups What are the benefits?

To preliminary evaluation of the physical condition of pregnant women with or without medical basis for disease, such as: high blood pressure, high blood sugar, nephritis. If there is, depending on the severity of need treatment whether, whether to continue the pregnancy, To judge how much harm pregnant women, as soon as possible to take the necessary measures to guarantee the safety of the expectant mothers during pregnancy.

Early pregnancy to determine the gestational age, to confirm the time of pregnancy. The many women menstruation are not allowed to date of ovulation inaccurate, early pregnancy is not time to determine the gestational age, the late bad projected date of confinement, unable to monitor fetal growth and placental function.

To check whether intrauterine or ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy, the incidence of high risk. If a ruptured ectopic pregnancy, internal bleeding caused by a life crisis.

4. Early pregnancy is very prone to anomalies, threatened abortion, vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain, and that happens, it could be an ectopic pregnancy, that happens to be timely treatment. If intrauterine pregnancy threatened abortion, to timely treatment to ensure the normal development of the embryo.
Opened old books "Mirror", the rich history of the door, as it is pushed through the ages wandering around came to the Tang Dynasty, lock the Tang Emperor Li Zhi housework channels, vividly documented, the show is incredible shock. Tang Emperor Li Zhi of the sisters, Dongyang and the Metro two Princess, sister killed, sister disparaged as a beggar, innocent sister of Princess Dou E Yuan, their fate ye so badly? Who is detrimental Princess sisters culprit?

Emperor Li Shimin and Empress, gave birth to the three men and four women, the eldest son of Lee Tae second son Li Chengqian, third son Lee governance, eldest daughter Changle, the second daughter of Dongyang, third daughter Jinyang, youngest daughter Metro, Lee Tae and Lee Chengqian, the competition for the throne conspiracy to commit treason, was banished by the Emperor exiled in remote areas for the common people, and soon two princes depressed and died. 649 the Taizong Jiabeng in May Li Zhi ascended the throne, Emperor Gaozong.

The Empress died many years ago, married the Changle Sister Jinyang sister had died of illness, the Tang Emperor pro only sister Dongyang pro-mei Metro, Li Zhi and sisters brotherhood, the Queen's mother 36-year-old died of illness, Dongyang 12-year-old princess, 9-year-old Li Zhi, Metro-year-old princess was, Dongyang princess like small motherly care for younger siblings, sister Dongyang Li Zhi ascended the throne after closure for large Princess closure for Xiaomei Metro, Princess, two princesses honor extremely.

However, there are unexpected storms, people have always happens, Wu only from a sense of industry Temple malignancy after the end of the good old days of two Princess, fall from heaven to hell. Princesses and weapons before, so what does it matter? Aunts relationship, there is no personal grudges Wu back to the palace before people princesses have long since left the palace, the son-in-law father Emperor had to choose, high the Dongyang princess marry a first cousin of the Empress follow the line, Metro princess married cousin to the Empress Sun Quan, generational little hell broke loose, the Princess consort than a generation, the Tang Dynasty palace of marriage generational casual royalty between intermarriage is a political need to maintain stability and unity. Both ability and integrity are the pillars of our country, Sun Quan table talent, knowledge, ability to excel, Dongyang Metro two princess appearance and taste excellent and virtuous, they are the husband of a good wife, my husband a good daughter-in-law the high covered rows court worked.
Not just Canada, colonists from the traditional areas of European Christian culture around the world, manufacturing a tragedy similar to Canada's aboriginal boarding schools. Australia in introspection history, said these indigenous children were forcibly interrupted cultural ties and even loss of blood relatives agree for a "lost generation". The filmmakers also filmed the movie, at the end of such themes is a little girl escaped Indian boarding school run freely on the prairies.

Today, the country and the people of Canada have come to realize that the history and culture of the indigenous people to create, is the source of the civilization of this country, is to be proud of and remember the past. Canadian public schools are involved in the local aboriginal culture education courses to provide one or more of these subjects, such as anti-racism, indigenous culture and crafts, these courses are indigenous elders and other community members will be invited to visit.

The course content often involve indigenous languages, indigenous spirituality, indigenous knowledge, and a visit to the indigenous ruins. Although the majority of students, learning such subjects by geographical restrictions, but the purpose of teaching is generally able to achieve.

The purpose of these courses is to cultivate humanistic qualities cognitive students an understanding of the natural ecological environment and the changing social and historical development by guiding the learning of specific projects, and the establishment of different racial equality, respect for the habit of thinking.
Iron boss often fall into the negative news, the public will think of the word "monopoly". In fact, many times, I think it is more important to study some specific issues. $ 40 lunch how to sell huge railway system, but also a drop in the bucket, the image points deduction, it is not worth the candle, I believe, also the railway authorities do not want to see the reality of this petty.

Where is the problem? Dining car on the high-speed rail service is mainly divided into two types, one outsourced to the enterprise, one is to operate independently, the dining car staff wages is basic salary plus a commission of the sales stuff, if it is to sell more, the total price is expensive their income is relatively high. Visible, high-priced lunch but caused due to the irrational system management mode. Is the so-called section to determine success or failure.

For the development of China's railway industry, the official and the private sector often come to completely opposite evaluation. The official always stressed to 6% of the world's business mileage, we completed 25% of the world's carrying capacity, especially in recent years to the siren song of the railway infrastructure and technology development, which is no denying the fact that.

However, in public opinion, more developed railway seems to be more backward, more problems. In fact, this is the familiar "bucket theory" to determine the volume of a barrel is a piece of the shortest plank. The shortest board that manages the railway sector, in terms of philosophy and sense of service. The development of the railway speed of light is not enough, even faster with the quality of software and hardware go hand in hand.

If the railway sector decision-makers so engrossed in this type of speed, high-tech impossibly bright appearance, while ignoring the management and services of the kernel, then collapse ticketing platform, high-priced lunch like trouble, it will from time to time pull high-speed rail, the hind legs of the EMU are, so that the development of China's railway looks always seemed so get awkward.
The say Spring Festival travel by train to buy tickets is difficult, more difficult to eat on the train. As early as the end of 2011, the Ministry of Railways announced to the public supply of EMU trains service quality standards (provisional), which explicitly requires: to ensure that the passenger train 2 yuan mineral water, less than $ 15 lunch for and shall not be broken.

But the actual reporter investigating the situation, lunch in the dining car of the high-speed rail is simply to buy less than 10 yuan or 15 yuan, 40 yuan for lunch eat only eat. In this regard, the dining car on the staff explained that "has long been sold out.

Little a lunch meal so much as profits, and robbery What's the difference? High-speed rail is something that can not provide the high-priced lunch, to meet the different needs of consumers, but since it is a service, it should be fair and reasonable principle of consumer-based, and not for business purposes, not to reap huge profits for the final demands .

Profit of up to 400 percent high-priced lunch, and only this one no other choice, not only away from the railway public service qualities, in fact, constitute infringement Shaw consumers interests. Only provide the higher-priced lunch, refused to sell instant noodles "the fact that enough to prove that consumers' Where is God, simple is the lamb to the slaughter.

As early as the end of 2011, the Ministry of Railways announced to the public supply of EMU trains service quality standards (provisional), which explicitly requires: to ensure that the passenger train 2 yuan mineral water, less than $ 15 lunch for and shall not be broken. This provision before the start of the spring of this year, once again reiterated the railway sector.

From a realistic point of view, "reiterated the" great irony. The reasons are but two ways, First, this was originally a ornamental value the "vase provisions" without substance, its only significance is perfunctory and cope with public opinion the Zhengdian image points, from policy formulation to perform between the lack of effective system constraints. Either way, the need for improvement and to enhance awareness of the level of management of the railway sector.
The the Rose Luqiu consecutive days two blog to write "what is news", the goals against Chaijing, means more like a show host, not a reporter, do programs can only be regarded as television performances can not be regarded as news. In her view, the reporter should hide yourself behind the parties and news events, news should not only care about the event, but should be more concerned about the reasons behind the incident.

The Lvqiu motives behind Chai Jing been well aside here, but Lvqiu Bowen indeed leads to the "news" discussion is worth to say a few words.

In general, the reporter interviewed a news event, and really should not be too prominent journalists, nor should be brought into the reporter's point of view and emotions. But this is the practice of incident reporting and investigative journalism. In my opinion, these two articles of Lvqiu News narrowing into investigative journalism.

An iconic news events, just by showing the cause of the incident after the results of investigating the reasons for its occurrence, social background, all of this news is not enough all-round demonstration. Press operation on a variety of forms, forms for the content service. An event occurs in the people and not other people experienced with the growth of the news events of the parties, and value judgments, have a relationship was education, his upbringing, value judgments, showing this day and age, this stratum of society, a partial face, who said that the personal circumstances of the parties and the news did not close it?

Interview parties show motive, reason and reflection, show a thing had occurred deep-rooted background, is not in the form of Lvqiu the good news. An iconic event must be demonstrated through different forms of three-dimensional rendering, a difference which can there be better or worse?

The definition of the news recently based on actual events, the reporter is not defined explanation must be standing outside the screen. Like "The New Yorker" Hessler those things written, like Southern Chronicle won the Pulitzer Prize, is simply the reporter's personal experience, they strung changes at all levels of the society through personal experience survival status, thinking, showing the face of a society in transition, who can say, this is not news? As long as the reflected facts, not fabricated, how the present form has no boundaries. As much as the media, should mining different means to show the news, rather than self-handicapping.
Taiwan's government in the three groups on the policy of the Diaoyu Islands basic policies and principles, that is, the "Donghai peace initiative", "do not conflict, not to evade, and jointly deal with the other side.

Ma Ying-jeou first look at one of the principles of the Diaoyu Islands issue "does not conflict does not evade." I think, not conflict "is said to listen to the United States and Japan, aims to maintain Taiwan and the friendly relations between Japan and the United States;" evade "is said to listen to both parties, including the United States and Japan, the island of Taiwan and the mainland, and its intentions in order to maintain the visibility of Taiwan in the dispute over sovereignty of the Diaoyutai.

Negotiations with Japan Taiwan spindle is on fishing rights and fishing protection, and look forward to fishing rights negotiations between the future and the day after a certain progress, they will gradually move to the spindle of "co-development".

August 5 last year, Ma Ying-jeou proposed Donghai peace initiative "in favor of the parties to exercise self-restraint, and called for putting aside disputes and jointly develop.

The face of Beijing's demand pressure teamed up with Japan to jointly defend the Diaoyu Islands, followed by inspections Peng Jia Lantau, Ma Ying-jeou asked the East China Sea Peace Initiative "to promote the Programme, called for" 2 side dialogue "(Taipei - Tokyo, Beijing - Tokyo, Taipei - Beijing) with a group of 3 sides of consultation "(Taipei - Tokyo - Beijing). In fact the only feasible Taipei and Beijing, "cross-strait dialogue. Cross-strait dialogue with jointly deal with the other side there is a certain contradiction between the significant facts, how to clarify the definition and scope, I am afraid that Taipei has not yet begun specific job.

I think that, from the experience of the South China Sea, "cooperation", "cross-strait dialogue," the first stage should be set in the areas of research cooperation. Since two years ago, the author repeatedly called on the two sides established the East China Sea / Diaoyu research institutions and held annually in Taiwan and overseas Chinese scholars, including the Symposium, at the same time seeking the future development of cross-strait common talking points on the issue of sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands so will it be possible to achieve some degree of "consistent foreign situation.

Cross-strait cooperation, "Diaoyu Islands" road ahead will be long.
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An unusual way to interpret the most classic NFL bags, designed for everyday use: perfect to liven up a total look black or gray, as this year's fashion imposes, but certainly unexceptionable also complement an outfit less serious and more fashionable. The Mirror Marni Tote Bag is available in the online jerseys shop and boutique Marni Marni to 580 euro, which is important, but not overwhelming in its own way for a brand of such prestige.
Top model from the disturbing body and the naive look, Kate Upton these days you can enjoy the cover of Vogue Italy November which is the absolute protagonist. The beautiful American model, became famous for a video on YouTube, has only twenty years old, yet already named "Body of the Year 2012" and crowned by the New York Times' Best Internet phenomenon promoting himself, "is one of the new faces of fashion global system to bet infuturo.

Ambitious and very determined, supermodel Kate Upton has a great similarity with the beautiful Brigitte Bardot and generous curves that make it a media icon Jerseys greatly admired. After the great success of the advertising campaign for underwear brand Guess, clicked with a video in which he performed a sexy strip tease, she posed for the catalog of costumes for "Sports Illustrated" and was spokesperson for well-known brands of underwear .

The famous fashion photographer Steven Meisel has wanted to star in a photo shoot for Vogue Italy set in New York. In the pictures the super American model posing with one breathtaking skyline behind and wearing super sexy outfits that wink aesthetics of Helmut Newton. This represents a shift from a photo coated with Upton posing with a trench coat metallic silver in another she wears a long black dress one shoulder with difficulty hiding the bursting cleavage to image very Jerseys sexy and dall'allure fetish in which his body is NFL(www.cheapnfljerseyswholesaleusa.com) wrapped in black latex look by highlighting its charge sexy and her breathtaking body.

With a face much more mature of her twenty years, Kate Upton is the new icon of femininity NFL finally strong and explosive that is imposed in the fashion scene by storm after decades of models skinny and wiry. After Monica Bellucci, Italian Vogue devotes a new sex symbol that subverts the rules of the fashion industry with his physicality absolutely out NFL of the usual fees.