Fashion Channel —— It lacked only this: the turning punk Chanel. That's right, we're talking bon ton to the mark for excellence, not at all directed by Karl Lagerfeld, who as the new face of fashion house has chosen Alice Dellal.

In reality it is only for the moment, the Boy Chanel Handbag Collection. Whatever the choice of Alice Dellal as the face of the collection appeared immediately quite unique. Of Alice is in fact known as a model and socialite, but also for his style tends to punk.

To get an idea Dellal has the half-shaved head of hair, several piercings and tattoos a bit 'everywhere. Well, not exactly the kind of girl who would imagine a number plate Chanel campaign.

Yet Karl Lagerfeld has managed to surprise everyone once again, playing in his own way the mood of punk Alice Dellal: the movie by himself shot does show off the nails, leather, fishnet stockings drilled, and also makes this clear when her original hair.