Carla G. is a brand that cares for women who love each other: class, comfort and subtle elegance are the watchwords. Also for the summer 2012 collection mood remains that of a femininity never too exhibited, glam details, color and special attention to the softness of the fabrics.

A woman who, in the summer, he performs a little, and style: a rarity, really! On the streets, now, women seem to be competing for who discovers more square inches of body: so many names come to clarify the situation and seem to want to explain to the female that sensuality is a question of volumes and proportions, rather that of nudity. To challenge the heat, then, is of little clothing: it is preferable to wear natural fabrics and fresh lines, not constrictive, soft materials and soft on the skin: just what Carla G. for its glam summer 2012.

Pants that reach to the calf, comfortable and wide at the top: the zipper on the bottom is the detail that softens the trendy all-black. The best combination consists of the superposition of knitting: fluorescent vest and blouse with wide optical or animal, leaving large neck maliciously discovery shoulder. Casual chic like the size of this collection is versatile, practical, but with a very careful eye on the trends of the moment.

As in lemon yellow skinny pants (Kristen Stewart docet) arriving at the ankle, with a small flap on the bottom: give joy to the style and appeal, surprising without being too excessive. I this case the combination is very unusual, with the khaki and army green in addition to the teal blue, a real must for summer 2012. The knitwear is always destructured and the lengths are presented maxi: in this manner lends itself perfectly to be worn with a belt important in view, preferably with studs, silver buckle or logo to view.

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