The mark all the Original Italian Brandina fails, so fashion, giving us a valuable lesson: the fashion should not stop the classics and traditional styles, but should take inspiration from everything that happened with our surroundings! Why limit yourself to the usual fabrics and working? Banning fur, obtained by killing creatures often endangered, banned the pollutants that choke the environment: we welcome the initiatives that are part of a modus pensandi that puts the focus of the use of unusual materials and innovative!

What makes them unique handbags Brandina The Original is the raw material they are made and the innovative concept behind the project: each piece is assembled using the traditional fabric of the sun loungers of the beautiful Adriatic coast. The common thread is the lines, passapartout casual-chic fashion par excellence, but also the color in the round, full and saturated. A fun and unusual way of conceiving the accessory most loved by women, adding a touch of carefree spirit that a fabric generally evoke the sun, sea, beach and relax!

A flicker of history: the designer and photographer Marco Morosini, creating a book dedicated to the Adriatic Coast, decided to use the nylon fabric of the loungers on the cover of the book. From here, the brilliant idea: to create bags with the same fabric! The dynamics of creation is fascinating is the inspiration of a painting or a shot, which is magnified in its pixels and then begin the work of change, widening or narrowing the rows, overlapping and replacing colors.
The picture takes shape gradually emerge on the screens of PCs and forests, landscapes, optical patterns, it then passes to weave, with a complex and painstaking game of warp and weft, which ensures a perfect color rendering. The textures obtained are named as the most beautiful Italian islands such as Burano, Figarolo and Lisca Bianca. The bags are Brandina The Original ultra-durable indestructible and really do not fear rubbing, discoloration of the effect of UVA and that of consumption of the weather. The tissues obtained were tested by Catas, which certifies the product's resistance to stress and many are certified Oeko Tex, confirming the absence of harmful substances in textile products.

The watchword is functionality and practicality on the gaiety of colors that evoke images of sea, sun and holidays: they add a touch of chic to any outfit easy and faithful traveling companions of our days, from morning to evening!

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