Fashion Channel ——   The flower power is without doubt one of the fashion trends of spring and summer fashionissima Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl with her stunning looks, the work of stylist Eric Daman, who could not tell us how to wear this trend. On the set of the fifth season, now being issued in the United States, Blair wore a silk dress with a flower print of orange, so fashionable this season, and purple on a yellow background of the Peter Som spring 2012 collection, above all 'a yellow dress coat, confirming that the energetic colors of citrus is a must for the season.

At the foot of Blair sandals, as always, high-heeled, the Mary Jane pumps by Miu Miu socks and bare legs effect. Although we continue to say that there is no need to match the bag to your shoes otherwise we find that, from a character marked for its preppy dall'innato and bon-ton, we can only expect it: a game with the shoes the bag worn by Stella McCartney. Hair and three strings of pearls around his neck complete the look giving it looked very chic.

Copy the look of Blair could not be easier, to clothes to flowers we find in all those who want low cost fashion chains, a coat, yellow, orange or mint will be a must-haves of the season which hardly resist the fashion addicted.

Shoes and bag the same color will help you get that preppy a little 'snooty typical of the character played by Leighton Meester. Finally, the makeup water and soap, hair and a string of pearls will make us feel as Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl set.


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