Coccinelle opened in Manila, the Philippines, a new shop in shop. The store is very elegant and in line with the brand's signature style, is located within the prestigious department store Rustan, the most popular and famous of the city and part of the process of internationalization that the brand has undertaken in recent years in opening round the world its corner and flagship stores.

The new shop in shop Coccinelle has an area of ​​twenty square meters in which the jaws, one of the leading brands in Italy for the production of handbags and accessories in the segment of "affordable luxury", exposes the top of his creations, especially the beautiful bags with a strong personality and dall'allure classic and sophisticated yet still very modern, elegant and fresh thanks to the fine details, the buckles and the precise and rigorous seams that have always been the signature of the Italian brand, since its inception in 1978, year when the brand was founded near Parma, family Mazzieri.

The new shop in shop Ladybugs in Manila is located on the third floor of the elegant department store Rustan, the area dedicated to luxury accessories where are the most important French and Italian brands. Coccinelle is a reference brand in the accessories sector for a dynamic and positive woman, looking for a stylish, feminine and with a very personal touch of glam. Since March this year the brand belongs to the Korean E-Land Group, which in recent years has consolidated its presence on the European market through the acquisition of major brands of apparel and footwear.

Leading Coccinelle, E-Land wanted Mazzieri Angelo, the entrepreneur who in the last fifteen years has brought forward with great determination the process of growth and success of the brand in international markets. Just like in Manila where the inauguration of the Philippine shop in shop was attended by representatives of the company, many celebrities of the country, many local authorities and important personalities.
Simple, good taste and delicate is the beachwear collection for summer 2012 Petit Bateau, the famous French brand known worldwide as a leader in the field of underwear for men, women, teens, children and babies. And not only. Because now begins to gather important successes in the collections sea.

The beachwear line 2012 definitely appeal to those who love the minimalist style and chic clothing considered almost a canvas then be enriched with accessories, big bags of beach sarongs and necklaces. If you feel you belong to either category beachwear this summer 2012 signed Petit Bateau, is perfect for you thanks to its simple design bikini with bandeau bra is that with the triangles and cups.

The Eighties pop colors, from purple to blue to pink up to the classic lines of the brand, yet are very delicate and very chastened models. Moreover, Petit Bateau style is unmistakable. And fashion are tied together with great elegance and harmony. Famous for its excellent products and high quality, also the 2012 collection of French sea meets these standards: the fabrics are breathable and lightweight on the skin and no shortage of attractive swimsuits, always dall'allure bon chic bon genre, very French .

Of course the company, founded in 1893 in Troyes, in Champagne-Ardenne region, is one of the great symbols of innovation in the field of fashion, with its laboratories and the desire to experience something new products that gifts to people who have that something extra that makes the difference. Not for nothing she won in 1937 with the invention of the culotte Innovation Award at the Universal Exposition in Paris.

This year, that the panties are back in beachwear so fashionable style pin up, remember that it is thanks to this company that has invented almost everything in the intimate and that is truly multi-generational and able to churn out collections suitable for all seasons. Not least of this best-selling beachwear from impeccable detail and perfect seams. Find them for sale online at the brand's flagship store and also in the many Petit Bateau existing in Italy as well as in dedicated corners in Coin stores.
After the huge wave of protests around the Olympic athletes' uniforms made in China and Made in the USA, as was fitting that he, the fashion designer Ralph Lauren and the U.S. Olympic Committee has officially announced that they will be interested in the implementation of the next uniforms for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Russia.

Now for the London Olympics is too late to design and implement the U.S. suits, suits, bodysuits, t-shirts and all that it is for a complete wardrobe sports. U.S. athletes will face their challenges with complete wearing Made in China designed, among other things, by the same designer Ralph Lauren is now trying to atone the sins of the designer usually draw at home to make cheap overseas where labor is cheap and above all just claims, and ultimately resell rights and money at home and abroad at exorbitant prices.

American politicians, both Republican and Democratic, were unanimous in thinking that in a difficult moment for the U.S. textile industry, to entrust foreign countries the realization of something that could revive the industry is synonymous with superficiality and greed. Ralph Lauren, if not the brawl broke out, would live his happy time as a designer of the official uniforms of American athletes, but it is in the heart of the storm and many activists claimed that even the shirts made in China to be burned. As seen, the economic crisis has created so much controversy and discontent where previously there were no harsh. That many clothes and accessories are produced abroad at low cost is well known, but America, unlike us, perhaps, not a country that is a bystander.

Certainly there will be repercussions in the field for those who continue to relocate, taking away jobs from the Americans, overwhelmed by an unprecedented crisis, to give to people of other nations. The United States is highly nationalistic and probably few or no gain, then the heads of Olympic uniforms made in China signed by Ralph Lauren. We are also in times of elections and is also the fashion field that will decide who the new President of the United States: those who surrender to globalization and starves its people or those who can expect from American designers, giving the appropriate tax relief, that what is American in the eyes of the world is really in every sense, both in design and production.
Milan proves increasingly capital of fashion and shopping. No coincidence that the best brands on the city of Milan link to open new showrooms and stores, and demonstrating to international buyers in general to all potential customers to be present on the square that counts with their latest collections.

In recent days, in fact the brand women's clothing Piazza Sempione has announced the opening of a corner at La Rinascente in Piazza Duomo. The location in this case is very significant as the new flagship of the brand Lombard is located in a strategic point of the city, within the Italian department store par excellence where they spend the majority of national and international tourists.

It is located in a completely different zone instead of the new showroom clothing brands Re-Hash and C + Plus which refer to the company Abruzzo FG , 1936. The new store is located on a fact Morimondo 2 / A, a street well known to lovers of fashion not only Made in Italy: there are many loft used as showrooms which showcases fascinating class brand. This area is still close to the center and near the famous Navigli Milan, popolatissimi of local people especially on weekends and happy hour!

The month of July was full of holes but June was a very busy month for the city views the shows of Milan Fashion Week. In conjunction of runaways in fact, Pal Zileri, historical brand of men's clothing based in Vicenza, has opened a showroom in Corso Matteotti 9, right near the famous fashion district. The multifunctional space of 500 square meters will be used, as well as the sale of the latest collections, including the presentation of books, art exhibitions but also used to organize cultural events.

And finally Herno has announced the opening of its first flagship store soon in via della Spiga. The opening of the showroom of the brand sport Lombard is expected in September 2012, probably in one of the days highlights of Milan Fashion Week.
Nino Lettieri, within the framework of the Rome Haute Couture fashion show, presented Margutta its proposals for the new collection A / W 2012-13 reviving the myth of Audrey Hepburn, thus recalling the legendary days of cinema and Italian society. There is hardly a coincidence that the collection, entitled "Pois d'Hiver", was presented to Art Hotel Margutta, locations that had once been the set of the legendary fifties film "Roman Holiday".

From the title of the collection can be deduced the mood of the same: "Dots", small, large, black and white, are the real stars of high fashion look of the ten presented in attractive location. Soft lines, volumes, tailoring to read printed chiffon and organza and impalpable devorè, douchesse jacquard satin embroidered with sequins all made big polka dots, accompanied by soft velvets and silk effect cotton pony. The fabrics used for clothing are Taroni, Gandini and Verga, the jewelery I mount the sixties with white and black pearls of various sizes are AlbaSerena and gloves are specialized in the historic signing of the gloves, now famous throughout the world, Sermoneta gloves.

At the foot of the modellle wear sandals, designed exclusively for Nino Lettieri and constructed entirely by OROORO crafts, shoes, totally in line with the collection "Pois d'Hiver" and blacks are white satin.

If the inspiration of the Haute Couture collection presented in Rome is the myth of the model for the bride Audrey could only be the image of the actress in Breakfast at Tiffany's "posing in front of the famous jeweler, an image that has been converted into a synonym style and elegance for which the designer proposes a creation in white chiffon devorè of tiny and large polka dots.
Carla G. is a brand that cares for women who love each other: class, comfort and subtle elegance are the watchwords. Also for the summer 2012 collection mood remains that of a femininity never too exhibited, glam details, color and special attention to the softness of the fabrics.

A woman who, in the summer, he performs a little, and style: a rarity, really! On the streets, now, women seem to be competing for who discovers more square inches of body: so many names come to clarify the situation and seem to want to explain to the female that sensuality is a question of volumes and proportions, rather that of nudity. To challenge the heat, then, is of little clothing: it is preferable to wear natural fabrics and fresh lines, not constrictive, soft materials and soft on the skin: just what Carla G. for its glam summer 2012.

Pants that reach to the calf, comfortable and wide at the top: the zipper on the bottom is the detail that softens the trendy all-black. The best combination consists of the superposition of knitting: fluorescent vest and blouse with wide optical or animal, leaving large neck maliciously discovery shoulder. Casual chic like the size of this collection is versatile, practical, but with a very careful eye on the trends of the moment.

As in lemon yellow skinny pants (Kristen Stewart docet) arriving at the ankle, with a small flap on the bottom: give joy to the style and appeal, surprising without being too excessive. I this case the combination is very unusual, with the khaki and army green in addition to the teal blue, a real must for summer 2012. The knitwear is always destructured and the lengths are presented maxi: in this manner lends itself perfectly to be worn with a belt important in view, preferably with studs, silver buckle or logo to view.
The Wimbledon is the oldest and most prestigious event in the sport of tennis. The tournament, held between June and July at Wimbledon (London), is the third Grand Slam tournament. A major sporting event, but also a great social occasions. Kate Middleton could be missed on the sidelines of the prestigious tournament? Of course not! Accompanied by her husband, Prince William of England, has enjoyed a few matches of the tournament before the Australian Open and the French Open, and followed by the U.S. Open.

Of course, Kate Middleton, given its institutional role, affecting only the tournament in London, so here it is a surprise to arrive at the tournament with a delicious white jersey, with details in tennis style, with blue and white stripes on collar and cuffs and border marinara. Put a delicious and very nice, maybe too simple for a Duchess, but Kate is always a girl and you go to Wimbledon to see athletes who play tennis, so he put more than guess.

Of course, no one would say that this outfit was designed by Alexander McQueen. Instead it is precisely this: the House, apparently, is also able to create simple dresses and low profile, suitable for all occasions, even if, in fact, is not really an opportunity Wimbledon Common. The bleachers are filled with sports and not fake, aspiring social climbers intent on doing public relations, and noble, of course, highly anticipated, the members of the Royal Family. If Kate wears a dress too obvious and suitable for a tennis match, William overdoes almost a complete style of Wall Street.

The boy must learn to relax, there is a time and a place to show off every outfit with a nice blue sweater with white pants would be perfect. Instead, William sports a full overdressed for a sporting event, even totally out of place, laciando, as always, the palm of the coolest pair of his wife, always much admired for her looks and not only by British subjects. But the dress of McQueen, however, should not be very cheap and the controversy over the expense of the Duchess of Cambridge for his "put the agency" continues to run amok in England ...
July 8 will be broadcast on Channel 4 on a delayed and early evening, "Parade of Love and Fashion", of which, EAN 13 brands will be a key player, along with many other names. Broadcast in prime time next at 21.10, during the televised fashion show designer labels, all made in Italy, will come down from the steps of the striking Trepponti of Comacchio, a sort of mythical omahhio the "Woman Under the Stars" was when the Italian fashion and internationally to fall down the stairway of Trinita dei Monti in Rome.

EAN 13 also will wear the hostess, the beautiful Emanuela Folliero, during one of the many changes which will benefit during the commercial breaks of Rete 4. For the event "Parade of Love and Fashion" Emanuela Folliero EAN 13 wear a beautiful long dress with bandeau top fully encrusted with Swarovski Elements, very bright and glam, a spectacle of light, very summery and sexy. With its proposals for the 2012th summer preview of the autumn / winter 2012-2013 with the capsule "Woman's Art Gallery Collection", featuring the prints of the famous American artist Sid Maurer, EAN 13 may rely on the catwalk of a testimonial 'exception, the showgirl Anna Falchi, back in perfect shape after the recent pregnancy.

The actress and film producer, originally from Romagna, will march to their own brand of Emilia EAN 13 just for joining the Emilia Romagna region, two areas of the same region battered by the disaster of the earthquake. A symbol of hope, a nice way to tell the TV audience and the world that life continues and that the production made in Italy in a land that has given more to fashion does not stop and continues in spite of everything, but getting by in producing fields, moving the machinery out of the ramshackle industrial sheds.

Really a nice blend between what the company carpigiana EAN 13 and Anna Falchi to enhance the strength of mind and beauty of this region, which affected even in the deep, does not give up and continues to live with dignity, despite a thousand difficulties. In witness whereof, Francesco Russo, co-founder with his wife Cristina Carnevali the EAN 13 Collection Ltd., will be invited on stage at the close of the program, to be interviewed and receive the prize Carife 2012, symbol of the will of recovery, tenacity and confidence in the future of this land so fair and so unique.