Fashion Channel ——  Big news fresh from fresh shares of H & M. The Swedish clothing giant low cost airlines has announced that very soon will launch a new brand, which will be a chain in its own right.

It seems that the new chain launched by H & M will be positioned on the segment luxury (therefore lower prices Altini compared to H & M), and anyway the products of this new chain will differentiate themselves in a clear bid classic of store H & M that we all know.
It thus appears that H & M follows the winning strategy already adopted by Inditex, the mega corporation Spanish in addition to our beloved Zara has launched several other chains of success as Bershka, Pull & Bear, Oysho and Lefties (the latter has not yet come to us, but is hugely popular in Spain).

Moreover, even H & M already has some sottocatene, including one of the most popular is definitely COS (which will also open soon in Milan). In short, for a change, here we can not wait!

Fashion Channel ——  We announced that Federica Pellegrini, the swimmer won a gold medal in Beijing, in addition to being good is good, too would be the new face of underwear Yamamay and now here are the pictures that the protagonist in this new collaboration.

Federica Pellegrini as the diachiarato Inticom SpA, owner of the trademark Yamamay, will be testimonial, during two years under the agreement, the signing of prossisme advertising of underwear named palindrome.

Gianluigo Cimmino, the CEO of the brand, Federica Pellegrini sees the perfect representative of the spirit of the brand, its name is a symbol of the Italian victory and success is the same one recommended by the signature within the country and abroad, also Federica besides being a great athlete she is also a beautiful and sensual, which aims to target Yamamay.

This is absolutely the first time we see Federica Pellegrini spogiarsi for a brand of intimate, exclusive Yamamay who is keen to emphasize and which is more than proud. Lately there is surprising Yamamay his original collaborations with these, after the wonderful sport, but the capsule collection with fashion blogger Claire Ferragni.
Fashion Channel ——    Kate Winslet in London for the official presentation of the 3D version of Titanic, film box office records entered in film history, wore a beautiful black silk gown with plunging neckline embellished with Swarovski showy decorations. The applications are ofSwarovski completely contrasting short sleeves of the dress and are also used fordecoration joy at the waist, two elements that confer extreme brightness of the dress.

The beautiful dress, cinched at the waist by a drape, is signed by designer JennyPackham, much adored on the set of Gossip Girl and Kate Middleton who repeatedlywore his creations include the coincidence of dress between Blair Waldorf and KateMiddleton .

To complete the look prezioni jewelry and vintage-inspired hairdo. After 15 years from the original version of Titanic, Kate Winslet has passed the ordeal splendidly the RedCarpet, this time, in the absence of co-star Leonardo DiCaprio, is accompanied only by the director James Cameron. Indeed we would like to say that since 1997, despite thepassage of time and his face marked by a few wrinkles of expression between the twoRed Carpet is no doubt that what you approve.

For the presentation of Titanic Kate Winslet, accompanied by a young LeonardoDiCaprio, had worn a dress in black lace slip loose and far too little to the occasionemphasized that the hips are too big extolling its disproportions, all this today is no longer noticed during the years Kate has taken the best choices of style and a little 'dietwith obvious results. 
Fashion Channel ——   The flower power is without doubt one of the fashion trends of spring and summer fashionissima Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl with her stunning looks, the work of stylist Eric Daman, who could not tell us how to wear this trend. On the set of the fifth season, now being issued in the United States, Blair wore a silk dress with a flower print of orange, so fashionable this season, and purple on a yellow background of the Peter Som spring 2012 collection, above all 'a yellow dress coat, confirming that the energetic colors of citrus is a must for the season.

At the foot of Blair sandals, as always, high-heeled, the Mary Jane pumps by Miu Miu socks and bare legs effect. Although we continue to say that there is no need to match the bag to your shoes otherwise we find that, from a character marked for its preppy dall'innato and bon-ton, we can only expect it: a game with the shoes the bag worn by Stella McCartney. Hair and three strings of pearls around his neck complete the look giving it looked very chic.

Copy the look of Blair could not be easier, to clothes to flowers we find in all those who want low cost fashion chains, a coat, yellow, orange or mint will be a must-haves of the season which hardly resist the fashion addicted.

Shoes and bag the same color will help you get that preppy a little 'snooty typical of the character played by Leighton Meester. Finally, the makeup water and soap, hair and a string of pearls will make us feel as Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl set.
Fashion Channel ——  Until September 23 MAXXI (National Museum of XXI Century Arts) in Rome will host "Three Dimensional" on the terraces of the gallery, on the first floor of the museum, with works by Maurizio Macbeth, Juan Muñoz, Remo Salvadori, Thomas Schütte and Franz West , plus a new installation of Lucy + Jorge Orta, with the contribution of Ermenegildo Zegna. "Three-dimensional" part of a reflection on the relationship between space and object, a key element of contemporary art and the ability of light to create spaces and volumes immaterial.

The initial question was: Between real and virtual spaces, how they relate to today's artists with the third dimension? Among the works on display, all worthy of note, there are, in fact, "Fabulae Romanae" Lucy + Jorge Orta, successful blend of performance and sculpture, commissioned by Ermenegildo Zegna in the project and designed the MAXXI ZegnArt , curated by Maria Luisa Frisa. Fabulae Romanae Lucy + Jorge Orta is the first of the Special Projects of ZegnArt, initiative that engaged the Zegna Group in the field of contemporary visual arts and is a successful example of collaboration between a company and privately owned public institution.

It is, in fact, an installation of new work by Lucy and Jorge Orta specially commissioned and the result of direct collaboration between the MAXXI, the artistic duo and the project ZegnArt. With Fabulae Romanae starts putting ZegnAr closely two apparently distant worlds, that of the company and the culture. Zegna has always stood out for innovation and experimentation, the same as the artistic duo Lucy + Jorge Orta, which leads, with respect to the materials used in their creations, a great deal of research using particular innovative fabrics.

"Fabulae Romanae" is an installation dedicated to Rome to draw a perfect map of the urban fabric of Rome. After September 23, 2012, at the end of exposure, a work for a complex installation will be offered as a gift from Ermenegildo Zegna MAXXI to become part of the museum's permanent collection.
Fashion Channel ——   Berlin is one of the coolest cities ever in europe and the world, both from a life of'' architecture, which continues to impress with his amazing work in that fashion, fresh, wearable, but also tailored and rigorous. Having lost its icy coating that first characterized it as a shadow a bit 'dark and dark on his head, now everything has changed and is conquering Berlin public, press and employees to the sector because it is a' new frontier 'totally wild to be conquered .

Is there room for anyone willing to sing a different note than the usual concert 'prostitute' that ends with the usual brand preference. If someone has something to say, 'do not be silent forever' as in weddings and, unfortunately, as usual, in the fashion industry worldwide, but come to Berlin to make his voice. Half of the most avant-garde fashionistas in search of real news of the fashion world, Berlin, also home to one of the most sparkling fashion week in recent years, is filling and multi-store boutique concept unique as Y-3 which has just opened first flagship store in Berlin at "MIENTUS Flagship Store" near Albcelebre Kurfürstendamm shopping center in busy central district of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, one of the most beloved of fashionistas Germans.

"MIENTUS", the unique selling location in Germany, offers Y-3 always, certainly not the last to arrive in the wake of a global success, but he bet on Y-3 from the beginning so as to have brought the sport brand for sale among its brands since the legendary first collection presented in 2003. Now Y-3, has always drawn by the brilliant Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto, an independent space opens in Berlin where the collections are available for women, men, accessories and footwear of the new spring-summer 2012.

The new multi-store, created by following the guidelines of Y3 global retail concept, measuring almost one hundred square meters and offers customers a true "shopping-experience" based on the purchase of a conscious and non-compulsive boss or an accessory. Y-3, son of the perfect combination between the experience of Adidas in sportswear and legendary sense of style of Yohji Yamamoto, presented last summer collection ultramodern lines and volumes. Bold simplicity, sporty-chic but refreshingly, no frills, pure design. Y-3, in brief, is the real future of sportswear.
Fashion Channel ——  Israeli supermodel Bar Rafaeli is the world's most passionate dell'underwear and lingerie to the point of having launched its first line of underwear from the very suggestive name, "Under Me" print campaign in which flaunts sexy white outfits worn in a location very original which can certainly be a tennis court at Wimbledon. The tennis players today are often very bold in their sportswear, but none could ever dare to field the outfits offered by the former girlfriend of Leonardo Di Caprio, who is one of the most popular supermodels of the moment.

Anyway, it is very beautiful and feminine, androgynous at all, has a sweet smile and even a few corners that we make it immediately more sympathetic than the skeletal colleagues. So, not only an entrepreneur. Bar Rafaeli is primarily a model so when the brand Passionata has once again asked to be his ambassador should not have thought twice, happy to pose with the glamorous creations of this brand and maybe learn some new tricks on the ground that fashion could be of service to enhance its line of underwear ...

Course kidding, Bar Rafaeli is certainly not an industrial spy otherwise well-guarded by Passionata would want it as its official spokesperson of the new, colorful collection for spring-summer 2012. The print campaign spring / summer 2012 the brand is sweeping the web because Bar Rafaeli for once does the sorceress, as almost all the models in lingerie winking sensually to the customer, but plays down the boldness of some lingerie while posing go fishing wearing boots, not the usual, but even twelve or heel sandals walking in beautiful countryside on a bicycle in summer or even a bicycle going to get married, complete with a white veil.
Finally, we find very delicious version of sailor with funny hats and jackets, as well as all the locks, complete with a black skirt made from soft tulle underneath and a large and massive head to stop a giant hair that does so much Brigitte Bardot fioccorosa Hollywood pin-ups or sixties.
Fashion Channel ——  Running for charity, and against the abomination that is violence against women: The brand is committed Pandorine actually working with Double Defense non-profit organization, the association created by Michelle Hunziker and Giulia Bongiorno and participating in the Milan City Marathon, an event organized by the Official Sports to be held Sunday, April 15 at Milan.

Double Defense aims to help women who have suffered and are suffering domestic violence, physical or psychological, through assistance in the interpretation of the rules and regulations in force: in addition to that the non-profit organization, born from a chance encounter between the Swiss showgirl and Bongiorno's lawyer, wants to raise awareness to this terrible phenomenon and promote a culture of nonviolence and passive acceptance that does not silence the only refuge of those who suffer these subtle and barbaric mistreatment.

There are many names known and loved who have decided to put at the service of their fame to support Double Defense: Anna Tatangelo, Federica Pellegrini, Francesco Totti, Nek, Ilary Blasi and Silvia Toffanin are some of the celebrities who support the non-profit organization created by the duo Hunziker -Minetti.

The Foundation's partnership with the Italian brand Pandorine The presentation also will be realized, the arrival of the marathon and relay race in Piazza Castello, a special type of bag that was symbolically called Women: a completely white, perfect for ' summer and bearing an inscription very meaningful and touching. Besides Michelle and Annalisa there will be many people like Linus and Arisa to contribute, by their presence, to this valuable project.

The scholarship is dedicated to all women who no longer accept the refuge of silence and shame to be subject to violence leaning with resignation, but chose to speak and denounce those who do them harm. You can buy this shopper, with a minimum donation of ten Euros, at the gazebo will be installed April 15 at Piazza Castello. The availability while stocks last, so do not miss it!
Fashion Channel —— It lacked only this: the turning punk Chanel. That's right, we're talking bon ton to the mark for excellence, not at all directed by Karl Lagerfeld, who as the new face of fashion house has chosen Alice Dellal.

In reality it is only for the moment, the Boy Chanel Handbag Collection. Whatever the choice of Alice Dellal as the face of the collection appeared immediately quite unique. Of Alice is in fact known as a model and socialite, but also for his style tends to punk.

To get an idea Dellal has the half-shaved head of hair, several piercings and tattoos a bit 'everywhere. Well, not exactly the kind of girl who would imagine a number plate Chanel campaign.

Yet Karl Lagerfeld has managed to surprise everyone once again, playing in his own way the mood of punk Alice Dellal: the movie by himself shot does show off the nails, leather, fishnet stockings drilled, and also makes this clear when her original hair. 
An encore of the calendar Mercatomonti, anticipating today its usual Sunday appointment. On a Saturday full of fashion, designed by independent designers offering the latest trends in floral dresses, vests revisited, urban style jackets. Do not miss the industry began with vintage evening dresses, handbags, dresses 60 '-' 70, and the underground jewelry kitsch, retro glasses. The accessory designers offering rings and bracelets in silver, bronze and stone. For fans: modern art, polaroid, library research, collecting Soviets, objects. He has nearly 20 years but continues his work: it's Garage Sale (tomorrow, 10-19, admission 1.60 euros, Marina Square 32, tel. 06. 5880517), Sunday rendezvous for lovers of bric a brac and collectors . Air spring with silk scarves, sandals and shoes, leather belts, straw hats. For the home: English cutlery, prints, small sculptures, rare books and records. It comes to walk on the banks of the Tiber at the Milvian Bridge Antiques (tomorrow, 9-20, free admission, tel. 06. 8,541,461), including antiques, collectibles, objects d 'era, trinkets and bargains d' art. Exceptional sale, today and tomorrow at Stables Ruspoli with Fashion Store (10.30-20, free entrance, via Fontanella Borghese 56 / b, tel. 06-3337126), which showcases clothing, shoes, scarves and accessories, all of the great fashion brands, discounted up to 70 percent. All inspired by the style Years' 20 on the market Micca, which, like every Sunday, offers a different theme. A step back in time between clothing and accessories in true style hat, with cocktails and swing band. Doriana Torriero PLAY RESERVED