The last day of Milan Fashion Week 2012 has seen players emerging designers, particularly in New and Upcoming Next Generation. Young promises or pale meteors? You decide, looking at the pictures in the gallery. We have seen, overall, minimalism and clean shape, often with precious fabrics and fluids. Irreverent forays into volumes, but nothing ever exaggerated or loud, almost as if these designers wanted to tiptoe into the fashion biz.

Certainly, their entrance is marked by great class and elegance: Holy Sword, all showed a balance out of the ordinary, with ethereal creations, elegant, play on transparency and fluidity of silk fabrics. Beautiful light chiffon dresses like petals, constructed in a simple and straightforward, but never boring. The blush and taupe color to emphasize this fairytale mood, with hints of black sequins for a glamorous and more strong. Splendid loose trousers like clouds, with a wide bottom worked with decorative beads.

For Ludovico Loffreda femininity is in color, with shiny coats and PVC inserts blacks with fluorescent orange or lime green papaya; comfortable moccasins laced with wedge rubber footwear. Glossy pleated skirts that come above the knee and are worn with colorful blouses buttoned to the neck. The bright blue with red strawberry and plays with the color of tobacco, the bags are slim briefcase in nuance lit up like the rest dell'outfit or big suitcases for travelers addicted.

For Harunobu Marata the focus is on the structure, particularly at sharp geometric and shoulders; jackets or capes wide open on dresses cinched at the waist by belts, women fit neckline and prefer classic and towering white and pure black. His clothes are stripped of all ornament: just a scollaura with crystals and tulle silk positioned posteriorly on the sides to make refined. Overall a very glamorous and chic collection.

Camille Pfister enjoys playing with large volumes, stacked, built and developed in a remarkable way: cream-colored shirt on which trapezoidal creep games scarlet fabric shades in the rear bows become multiform, bubble skirts brought bright red belted maxi gold and pink silk blouse, like a modern, romantic revisited and Wonder Woman (the model has marched with hands on hips in imitation of the famous cartoon character). To bring the woman Camille ultracoprenti and fluorescent tights, pink and courageously combining red, yellow and blue powder: a winter in which, certainly, there can be boring!

Even the fashion label Iceberg wanted to tell her about the trends that will go out of fashion in women's wardrobe for next autumn-winter 2012/2013. On the third day of the Milan catwalk for fashion women's pret a porter, in fact, were the many fashion brand called upon to speak a little 'of what will be fashionable in the cold season to come. Famous names of Italian style, among them that of Iceberg, a brand from the mood young, cool, that does not belie her philosophy even at the presentation of his collection A / W 2012/2013.

The timing of Milan Fashion Week A / W 2012/2013 also gives us the style of Iceberg, the scene with a rich collection of really interesting ideas. The women's fashion brand is decidedly rock, soul, and in the wardrobe he wears, which is inspired by London in the seventies. Paolo Gerani was inspired by the great Marianne Faithful, for a collection that includes among the models down the catwalk also two top models like Bianca Balti and Freja.

The collection offers a new style for sportswear, offering clothes that are glamorous and that marked the silhouettes of the models took to the runway, putting particular emphasis on the shoulder. The collection includes coats, parkas, major players in next season's cold, but also furs, which now seem to be back in the limelight. And yet, we knitted dresses with gold on the classic black and white, but also pants a lot of stretch and, guess what '? Yes, bell-bottoms!

But during the parade, there is also time to send a message to Italian politicians: 'We hope that Monti is aware of the great heritage of craftsmanship of fashion, that is our strength'.

The unlikely and original look of the Russian Anna always seem to be the center of attention, a bit 'like Lady Gaga she is not afraid to dare to do anything not to go unnoticed, until the question of whether when sitting in the front row of the shows who is the most photographed, if you or the models on the catwalk.

Always trendy and the creations of top designers the eccentric director Bari the Japanese edition of Vogue knows no limits, often crossing the fine line between showing off beautiful creations and seem circus attraction. Not everyone can afford to wear great clothes, and not just an economic issue, but also of style and poise, and these certainly are not lacking in Anna, surely to be preferred all'eccessivamente sober Franca Sozzani. When you want to put it all together but it really runs the risk of sounding a scarecrow than a style icon.

On the first day of fashion week in Milan we saw her wearing to watch the parade of Gucci, an 20's style dress with sequined signature collection this spring summer, sandals and gold waist belt that reflected the gold dress, the rest of the gold will be an unmissable spring / summer 2012 as well the mood of 20 years.

But what is perplexing is not just the feeling of cold, remember that the temperatures in Milan are certainly hot, but the need not to leave even one centimeter of skin without decoration in addition to the fall style style hat with sequins bullfighter. It 's well known that the Anna Russo is a fanatic of the decorations, hair accessories that ideally lend a touch of style outfit and which are demanded in the most important, we have recently seen how to wear them with style, such as Victoria Beckham wedding Kate Middleton, or lead to ridicule, such as the Ferguson sisters.
For the front row of fashion shows Spring 2012 Haute Couture Anne gave us the outfit that will undoubtedly have become part of the unforgettable, apparently dressed in a sober and elegant black coat and a hat with feathers that is at least twice the size of his head , some joy of those who sat behind the parade. The fluorescent pink look to attend the Fall 2012 fashion show from Marc By Marc Jacobs at New York Fashion Week dazzled leaves almost no doubt the tone and the shocking high hat would have liked much to Schiaparelli.

We always leave a little 'stunned relatives of the decision to get rid of the star, the death of the family, all his memories, especially the most precious real estate to sell in the market with a little' discretion or, worse, at public auction where the loved objects, kept hidden and morbid attention of the people are so violently exposed right in the eyes of those who wanted to hide them. We always found a desecration vulgar, if not atrocious. An insult to the memory.

It is true that life goes on and many things that had meaning for those who just left for those who remain do not have, maybe they are related to a memory or emotion than a day now distant in time. And perhaps it is also nice to think that a little 'Whitney Houston will continue to live apart from her wonderful songs, including clothing and jewelry that other lucky women fill their new memories, giving new life to what was perhaps destined to end packed in boxes and forgotten in stores.

After all, Whitney Houston was in financial trouble for a long time, after spending much of his fortune on drugs, alcohol and wild nights and needed money after unsuccessful attempts to resume his career when his voice no longer was the most melodious and perfect that had charmed the world and the dreams of millions of fans. The auction, therefore, of his clothes and had been organized long ago, perhaps with the consent of the singer herself, and certainly will not stop now for sure because of his death, now that the value of auction items is almost tripled, with prices starting at $ 600 even for small objects whose family does not know what to do if you do not derive as much money as possible, droves of fans will try to bring home a bit 'of Whitney.

Or at least what's left of her after the senseless death of 11 February for a drug overdose in a hotel room in Beverly Hills. Julien's auction house in Los Angeles is all set now, and between lots for sale including clothing and jewelry worn on the set of romantic movie "The Bodyguard" with Kevin Costner.
As Fashion Week draws to a close in London, which closed yesterday, confirming the role of British capital in the international fashion regained square, so as not to be underestimated in the war in the organization sees the calendars that lined the boards Milan / Paris than in London- New York, the operators' attention shifts to Milan Fashion Week for presentations of new collections of women's pret a porter Autumn / Winter 2012/2013, scheduled from tomorrow to February 28. The Italian fashion will stage in the heart of the city, opening the shows also the Sforzesco Castle, 137 collections, 72 shows of all the great names of the made in Italy, 53 brands and 17 other presentations by appointment. Of course the schedule is tight but the big names were coated for almost the whole week, up to 27. Inevitably, though some shows are still off.

On 22 February, to begin with, will present their collections, off calendar, Kristina Ti, at the Museo della Permanente, and Elena Miro Foundation headquarters in Tomato. But they are also off Genny, February 25, and Luisa Beccaria. To facilitate travel, a perfect pink ribbon of shuttles and cars provided by the Chamber of Fashion will connect the central location of Giureconsulti Palace, Palazzo Clerici, Filogico Circle and the Castello Sforzesco, which will host part of the fashion show. Milan are expected to more than two thousand journalists, including 500 foreigners from 37 other countries that will attend the parade of big names in fashion, Gucci, Alberta Ferretti, Prada, Armani, Scervino, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Ferre and Horses, but also the debut of new designers, for example Sergei Gringo and the Caucasus Basharatyan the mark, then to the Sforzesco Castle, the last day in New Upcoming Designers, brand Moi Multiple, and Ludovico Loffreda New Generation, Harunobu Murata Camille Pfister and Holy Savior Sword. Lastly, the return of Maurizi Pecoraro, Sergio Zambon and Bruno Magli.