The unlikely and original look of the Russian Anna always seem to be the center of attention, a bit 'like Lady Gaga she is not afraid to dare to do anything not to go unnoticed, until the question of whether when sitting in the front row of the shows who is the most photographed, if you or the models on the catwalk.

Always trendy and the creations of top designers the eccentric director Bari the Japanese edition of Vogue knows no limits, often crossing the fine line between showing off beautiful creations and seem circus attraction. Not everyone can afford to wear great clothes, and not just an economic issue, but also of style and poise, and these certainly are not lacking in Anna, surely to be preferred all'eccessivamente sober Franca Sozzani. When you want to put it all together but it really runs the risk of sounding a scarecrow than a style icon.

On the first day of fashion week in Milan we saw her wearing to watch the parade of Gucci, an 20's style dress with sequined signature collection this spring summer, sandals and gold waist belt that reflected the gold dress, the rest of the gold will be an unmissable spring / summer 2012 as well the mood of 20 years.

But what is perplexing is not just the feeling of cold, remember that the temperatures in Milan are certainly hot, but the need not to leave even one centimeter of skin without decoration in addition to the fall style style hat with sequins bullfighter. It 's well known that the Anna Russo is a fanatic of the decorations, hair accessories that ideally lend a touch of style outfit and which are demanded in the most important, we have recently seen how to wear them with style, such as Victoria Beckham wedding Kate Middleton, or lead to ridicule, such as the Ferguson sisters.
For the front row of fashion shows Spring 2012 Haute Couture Anne gave us the outfit that will undoubtedly have become part of the unforgettable, apparently dressed in a sober and elegant black coat and a hat with feathers that is at least twice the size of his head , some joy of those who sat behind the parade. The fluorescent pink look to attend the Fall 2012 fashion show from Marc By Marc Jacobs at New York Fashion Week dazzled leaves almost no doubt the tone and the shocking high hat would have liked much to Schiaparelli.

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