The the Rose Luqiu consecutive days two blog to write "what is news", the goals against Chaijing, means more like a show host, not a reporter, do programs can only be regarded as television performances can not be regarded as news. In her view, the reporter should hide yourself behind the parties and news events, news should not only care about the event, but should be more concerned about the reasons behind the incident.

The Lvqiu motives behind Chai Jing been well aside here, but Lvqiu Bowen indeed leads to the "news" discussion is worth to say a few words.

In general, the reporter interviewed a news event, and really should not be too prominent journalists, nor should be brought into the reporter's point of view and emotions. But this is the practice of incident reporting and investigative journalism. In my opinion, these two articles of Lvqiu News narrowing into investigative journalism.

An iconic news events, just by showing the cause of the incident after the results of investigating the reasons for its occurrence, social background, all of this news is not enough all-round demonstration. Press operation on a variety of forms, forms for the content service. An event occurs in the people and not other people experienced with the growth of the news events of the parties, and value judgments, have a relationship was education, his upbringing, value judgments, showing this day and age, this stratum of society, a partial face, who said that the personal circumstances of the parties and the news did not close it?

Interview parties show motive, reason and reflection, show a thing had occurred deep-rooted background, is not in the form of Lvqiu the good news. An iconic event must be demonstrated through different forms of three-dimensional rendering, a difference which can there be better or worse?

The definition of the news recently based on actual events, the reporter is not defined explanation must be standing outside the screen. Like "The New Yorker" Hessler those things written, like Southern Chronicle won the Pulitzer Prize, is simply the reporter's personal experience, they strung changes at all levels of the society through personal experience survival status, thinking, showing the face of a society in transition, who can say, this is not news? As long as the reflected facts, not fabricated, how the present form has no boundaries. As much as the media, should mining different means to show the news, rather than self-handicapping.

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